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Jim and Loren are one of our most popular acts at Monkton Arts, their gigs are top quality, the crowd is always highly entertained and very keen to buy tickets for the next performance.
(Dawn Fidler, Monkton Arts, Ryde)

Jim and Loren have performed at the RYS with their fellow band members many times as a trio and a quartet and always enhance the atmosphere, whatever the occasion. From background music to dancing, they always pitch it just right for the audience involved.
(Emma Preece, Event Manager, Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes)

Jim and his fellow musicians are our first choice when it comes to music for functions and they have the ability to always produce just the right atmosphere and volume for any occasion.
Darren Cool, Northwood House, Cowes

The ability to go from background jazz music to dancing music and then, later on, soul and disco music, was something all our guests commented on. It was perfect for the occasion.
(wedding in Cowes)

Your band is the talk of the town - many thanks for such a versatile set of music for our Ladies' night
(President of East Medina Lodge, Ladies Night)

Jim Thorn has been playing jazz on the Isle of Wight since 2000 and during that time has also been involved in projects of all styles from classical and shows, to disco and rock & roll. He is also a promoter and jazz festival organiser, formed the Isle of Wight Youth Jazz Orchestra in 2017 and has organised the Isle of Wight Jazz Weekend since it began in 2012. As an organiser he has put together many different projects for a wide range of occasions, ranging from jam sessions, background music, jazz dinner events, weddings and functions to accompanying top professional jazz musicians from the mainland.

Jim can appear as a solo pianist for background music, or in a duo (vocals+piano or piano+bass), a trio (vocals+piano+bass or piano+bass+drums), or a larger group depending on the occasion.

Loren Thorn (vocals) is a versatile and popular jazz vocalist with a keen following on the Isle of Wight.

Jon Thorne (double bass), Tim Marshall (bass) and Ken Black (drums) are highly experienced and respected professional musicians whose careers have covered many genres of music both locally and further afield.

The regular line-up is:

Loren Thorn - vocals
Jim Thorn - piano
Jon Thorne (double bass) or Tim Marshall (electric bass)
Ken Black - drums

Regular guests include Cameron Rossi (sax), Mike Holcroft (sax) and Nick Page (guitar + vocals)
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