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Hello Jim - Just wanted to thank you again for a fabulous night of music. The guests all commented on how lovely the music was. Best wishes
(40th birthday party)

The ability to go from background jazz music to dancing music and then, later on, soul and disco music, was something all our guests commented on. It was perfect for the occasion.
(wedding in Cowes)

Your band is the talk of the town – many thanks for such a versatile set of music for our Ladies’ night
(President of East Medina Lodge, Ladies Night)

Jim and his fellow musicians are our first choice when it comes to music for functions and they have the ability to always produce just the right atmosphere and volume for any occasion.
Darren Cool, Esq Events

Jim has been playing jazz on the Isle of Wight since 2000 and has also been involved in projects of all styles from classical and shows, to disco and rock & roll. He is also a promoter and festival organiser, and is the Event Director of the Isle of Wight Jazz Weekend. He is often asked to help organise and curate jazz events within other festivals including the Isle of Wight Festival, the IW Literary Festival and at the Earl Mountbatten Hospice. He and his trio are regularly chosen to support some of the best professional musicians in the UK including, in recent years, Alan Barnes, Tim Kliphuis, Tina May, Gilad Atzmon, Derek Nash, Dennis Rollins, Mark Nightingale and many others.

Jim can appear as a solo pianist for background music, or in a duo (vocals+piano or piano+bass), a trio (vocals+piano+bass or piano+bass+drums), or a quartet. Often the trio also work alongside Nick Page (guitar and vocals) and/or Gary Plumley (sax / flute). For a latin jazz feel, a percussionist (congas) can also be added. The line-ups are very flexible and can be tailored to suit any occasion.

For 15 years, Jim ran a soul/disco band alongside his jazz quartet. The line-up now can therefore also be adopted to include musicians who are equally confident playing jazz and background music, as well as soul / disco and other styles, and so can (if required) go from one style to another at a function. This is especially popular at weddings and other functions where there might be a meal or drinks reception followed by dancing later.

The regular line-up is:

Loren Thorn – vocals
Jim Thorn – piano
Jon Thorne, Tim Marshall or Jez Gray – bass
Ken Black – drums
Regular guests include Gary Plumley (sax / flute), Nick Page (guitar + vocals) and José Lito (congas).
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